How to setup your Joystick

Star Citizen supports lots of different Joysticks and you can configure them by yourself in just a few steps:

a) Connect your Joystick
It is important that you do this before you start Star Citizen!

b) Start Star Citizen

c) Open the Joystick setup
You can do this with the following steps:
(1) Open "Options"
(2) Click "Keybindings"
(3) Select "Joystick / HOTAS"
(4) Click "Advanced Controls Customization"

d) Click "Control Profiles" and select your Joystick
If your Joystick isn't in the list, just select another one

e) Import the configuration
You can do this with the following steps:
(1) Click "None"
(2) Select "JoyStick" aus
(3) Click "Import"

f) Your Joystick is ready to use!
In case you want to change some buttons or your Joystick wasn't in the list, you can do the following:
(1) Select a control group
(2) Double click on a function - now you can press a button on your Joystick to assign it

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