Upgrade Matrix

The overview below shows the currently possible ship upgrades. An arrow means, that an upgrade from the source to the target ship is possible. In case there is no price difference (ships on the same level), the upgrade is for free. In case the price of the desired ship is higher, the difference has to be paid. But it's not possible to "upgrade" to ships with a lower price!

If you don't know what an ship upgrade is, please take a look the Beginners Guide.

Some limited ships like the Constellation Phoenix cannot be upgraded and therefore they're not in the overview. Please keep also in mind, that many ships cannot be purchased all the time (please take a look at the ships overview for the availability).

Example: The 300I can be changed for a ship of the same level for free (Mustang Gamma, Mustang Omega). But you cannot change it for an Reliant Kore, because it's a cheaper ship. If you want to change your 300I for a Hull A, you have to pay the price difference: 60$ - 55$ = 5$.

If you've already chosen your ship, you can upgrade it here: Ship upgrades.

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